The Four Operating Zones

At any given moment, we find ourselves operating in one of four zones. These zones are differentiated based on how comfortable we feel operating in them and on the potential benefits and risks associate with the pursuit of goals found in these spaces. I will refer to these four zones as the Comfort, Productivity, Opportunity … Continue reading The Four Operating Zones


Defining Productive Efficiency

Efficiency is a futile pursuit when not pursued in the context of effectiveness, i.e. in the context of achieving worthy goals. But how effective can we be if we are not minimizing wasteful efforts? How much efficiency is desirable? What is the optimal level of efficiency that maximizes our overall effectiveness? What is Productive Efficiency? … Continue reading Defining Productive Efficiency

The Futile Pursuit of Efficiency

The effectiveness vs efficiency question is a common one, usually presented as a balance or tradeoff between the priorities of doing the right things versus doing things right. Effectiveness is measured in terms of achieving desired results and it’s about maximizing the value produced (by achieving worthy goals) within given constraints (e.g. capacity, time). On … Continue reading The Futile Pursuit of Efficiency