Guidelines for Managing Project Politics

Read the first part of this post: About Project Politics. Projects and Politics are inextricably linked which means that there is not a single organisational project in which there is not a need to actively manage Politics. Important as it is to identify and manage project Politics by applying the appropriate strategy to manage them, … Continue reading Guidelines for Managing Project Politics


About Project Politics

No project is politics-free. Most projects run within organisations, so they inherit existing organizational and office politics and often become a natural arena of political activities. Moreover, as a new endeavour with achievements to be acknowledged and potential failure to be managed, projects also create their own politics. Project politics are often seen as a … Continue reading About Project Politics

The Project Manager with the Magic Touch

"Ze girl? She seems like a very nice girl. She "plays" monsieur, like a very nice girl.  However, it ztinks! Is not so hard to understand: Her playing, very polite. Mistake, no. It says E-flat, she plays E-flat. Ping-ping. Hit the right note, always, very proper. Look, monsieur, play the piano,  is not about the fingers. "Done"  with the fingers, yes. But the music, she is inside. … Continue reading The Project Manager with the Magic Touch